Raw Jungle Honey


Raw Jungle Honey


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Wild Honey (mountain honey - malaithaen) - collected from Combs in mountains and trees built by the giant Indian rockbee Honey is excrated by the local tribes. Introducing Divine Bees, where every jar of honey is a testament to nature's sweetness. Our bees thrive in pristine, pesticide-free environments, ensuring the purest honey for you. Handcrafted and minimally processed, Divine Bees honey retains all its natural enzymes and nutrients. We source our honey directly from tribal communities, who practice traditional Ghani methods. Each jar bursts with rich flavors and health benefits. We're passionate about sustainability, supporting local beekeepers and preserving bee habitats. Experience the golden difference with Divine Bees. Sweeten your life, naturally. Follow us for more sweet moments and special offers! ? #DivineBees #PureHoney #SupportLocalBeekeepers #TribalTraditions